The Rose d’Or will award 10 programmes in the following categories

  1. 1. Comedy
    Non-scripted and scripted comedy shows excluding sitcoms, but including sketches, panel, improvisation, clips, comedy specials and stand-up routines.

  2. 2. Sitcom
    Scripted situational comedy shows involving regular characters in various everyday situations, in a limited number of sets. A main plot is to be resolved within an episode.

  3. 3. Drama Series
    Scripted multiple shows with different seasons, involving characters in various situations. A main plot can be resolved within a single episode or over the series.

  4. 4. Limited Series & TV Movie
    Scripted shows with limited number of episodes in only one seasons or scripted single show, involving characters in various situations. A main plot is resolved within a single programme or over the series.

  5. 5. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
    Original stories available as single episode or series, interactive or not, in a realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional environment.

  6. 6. Reality and Factual
    Programmes in which a situation or topic is treated through real-life characters or actors (re-enactment) or programmes which follow real-life characters.

  7. 7. Arts
    Performing Arts and Cultural Programmes featuring stage recordings and television adaptations of performing arts, or documentaries dedicated to art forms or artists.

  8. 8. Game Shows
    Studio or location-based shows which, through a range of physical or mental challenges, culminate in winners and losers. This Category includes quizzes, panel games, reality programmes, and puzzle-based shows.

  9. 9. Entertainment
    Variety and event show programmes, single or continuing episodes which showcase performing talent.

  10. 10. Children and Youth
    All genres of programmes produced for children and youth older than 6 years.