The Rose d’Or is now open for you to submit your programme entries. At this page you can register to enter your programme(s) into the competition.

The various categories for television and online video are shown here. Below you will find the registration form to register your programme entries.



The structure of the submission fee for entering programmes in the 56th Rose d’Or is as follows:

1 Entry  450 Euros1 Ticket*
2 Entries  700 Euros2 Tickets*
3 to 5 Entries  1000 Euros3 Tickets*
6 to 10 Entries                     1750 Euros6 Tickets*
11 to 20 Entries  2500 Euros6 Tickets*             
*The submission fee includes ticket(s) to the Rose d’Or Forum and the Rose d’Or Awards Ceremony.

Nominees for the awards are entitled to receive 2 additional tickets free of charge (in addition to the tickets included in the submission fee).



Within a few days after your registration, you will receive an invitation to upload your programmes to EBU Showcase.

No entry shall be accepted until full payment of the relevant submission fee has been received by the organiser. 

You will receive your invoice for programme entries after the closing date.

Please email us at info@rosedor.com if you have any questions.


Cancellation policy for the Event

Entry to the competition incurs a non-refundable fee.

Attendance at the Rose d'Or® Awards Ceremony is compulsory for at least one representative of each Nominee, as described on Article 1. Nominees for the Awards are entitled to receive two (2) admission tickets (in addition to tickets that may be acquired through packages) for the Rose d’Or® Awards Ceremony free of charge. Non-attendance at the Rose d’Or® Awards Ceremony by a Nominee will result in disqualification of the selected Entry