Barney Goodland

Barney Goodland joined Magic Light Pictures in 2008. His first animation role was on the Oscar and BAFTA nominated special The Gruffalo. He has since overseen aspects of production and delivery on all the company’s award-winning animated specials. In 2021, Barney produced the Kidscreen Award winning Superworm (2021), following that with the International Emmy Award winning The Smeds and The Smoos (2022) and BANFF Preschool Animation winner Tabby McTat (2023).

In addition, Barney worked on Magic Light Pictures Oscar nominated and European Film Award winning animated feature Chico & Rita (2010), directed by Oscar winner Fernando Trueba and star designer Javier Mariscal; the feature film Wild Target staring Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint and Bill Nighy (2010) and the natural history documentary One Life (2011).

Alongside his work on the animation specials and feature films Barney has developed and produced a number of Magic Light’s digital projects and initiatives, including setting up an award-winning social media community and creating a portfolio of BAFTA nominated apps, most notably the innovative AR experience The Gruffalo Spotter (2017). Barney also sits on the Animation UK Council.