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Rose d’Or Awards 2020

Greensill challenges the status quo, levelling the playing field for all businesses and people alike. We believe in making finance fairer. We unlock capital so the world can put it to work, using the power of financial markets to provide finance on terms that fit the needs of our clients.

Traditional financial systems fail businesses every single day. We’re building a better way to serve broadcasters, studios, TV production and distribution companies, supporting the industry’s return to full production, post-Covid.

Powered by innovation and original thinking, our experts help businesses finance production and distribution contracts, catalogue and rights purchases, mergers and acquisition transactions, and beyond. Greensill is truly global, serving clients in all regions.

By helping TV companies pay and get paid faster, we can help improve supplier relationships, employee retention and the entire creative process, making TV production fairer and more efficient. It’s a dynamic new way to think about financing.

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