Marcel Gelauff

Marcel Gelauff is editor-in-chief of the largest independent news organization of the Netherlands: NOS News. His news career spans over forty years, starting out as assistant-editor at a regional newspaper in the Leiden area. At another regional newspaper he held various roles, culminating as chief of the newsroom. In 1992, Gelauff made the switch to television, when he moved to the news department of the Dutch branch of the commercial RTL television network. There he made it to chief editor of the main nightly bulletin. After a brief stint as chief of the RTL political desk he moved to the NOS in 2003 to become deputy editor-in-chief of the television news broadcasts. In 2011 he became editor-in-chief of the entire NOS News department.

With around 450 employees and operating within the public broadcasting system, NOS News offers the Dutch audience round-the-clock news coverage through a wide array of platforms: television, radio, online (, apps, teletext and social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. NOS News – as the most trusted news brand with the largest audience – is the premier source of information in the Netherlands.

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