The Rose d’Or® Awards define the gold standard of achievement in entertainment . The 59th edition of the ‘Rose d’Or®’ will take place virtually on Wednesday December 9th 2020


The Rose d’Or® will reward one programme or series in each of the following categories:

  1. Comedy
  2. Comedy Drama and Sitcom
  3. Drama
  4. Soap or Telenovela
  5. Reality and Factual Entertainment
  6. Documentary
  7. Arts
  8. Studio Entertainment
  9. Children and Youth
  10. Social Media Video Series
  11. Audio Entertainment
  12. Innovation in the time of Covid

In addition, the Rose d’Or® will recognise significant individual achievements by awarding one trophy each for:

Emerging Talent Award
Performance of the Year
Lifetime Achievement
the ultimate accolade for a programme or series, The Golden Rose, awarded to the programme or series that in the opinion of the judges and the organisers has been the year’s greatest achievement.


Submission start: July 9, 2020
Submission deadline: October 1, 2020
Nominees announcement: November 10, 2020
Virtual Award Ceremony: 3pm December 9, 2020 Streamed on rosedor.com


The submission fee depends on the number of entries. The price per entry decreases as additional entries are submitted:

All Categories (excluding Audio)

First Entry: €350
Second Entry: €250
Entries 3 to 5: €150 per entry within this bracket
From entry 6 on: €100 per entry within this bracket


First Entry: €150
Second Entry: €100
From entry 6 on: €75 per entry within this bracket



The Rose d’Or® Awards (the “Awards”) which celebrate and reward excellence, originality and creativity in entertainment programmes, is organised by C21Media Ltd, 148-150 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AT (the “Organiser”) in association with the European Broadcasting Union, whose headquarters are located at 17A L’Ancienne-Route, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland.

There are 14  Award categories (the “Categories”) in total, 11 Entry Categories and 3 Recognition Categories:


The Rose d’Or® will reward 11 programmes, one for each of the following categories in which programmes can be entered.

  1. Comedy: scripted and non-scripted comedy shows including sketch shows, panel, improvisation, clips, comedy specials and stand-up. Series or single programmes.
  2. Comedy Drama and Sitcom: scripted comedy series or one-off dramas, involving regular characters in various situations.
  3. Drama: scripted series or one-off dramas involving characters in various situations. A main plot can be resolved within a single episode or over a series.
  4. Soap or Telenovela: best multi-episode popular drama or melodrama, either on-going or limited run.
  5. Reality and Factual Entertainment:  programmes or series in which a situation or topic is treated or created through real people or which tell their story by following real-life characters.
  6. Arts: programmes or series featuring  performing arts and cultural programmes,  stage recordings and television adaptations of performing arts or documentaries dedicated to art forms or artists.
  7. Documentary: factual programme or series providing in-depth analysis of a specific subject or point of view supported by evidence and informed commentary, on any subject other than the Arts.
  8. Studio Entertainment: studio-based game shows, variety shows, event series and specials.
  9. Children and Youth: all genres produced for children and youth older than 6 years. Series or single programmes will be considered.
  10. Social Media Video Series: original fiction or non-fiction short-form video series, (under a half an hour duration) that premiere on social, web, mobile and video platforms.
  11. Audio Entertainment: scripted or unscripted original podcast, audio-first books and radio shows. Entries accepted from producers, platforms, distributors or talent.
  12. Innovation in the time of Covid Award for the programme or series, that, against all the odds, defined what television can achieve – and how television can be produced – in a time of unprecedented crisis.


  1. Emerging Talent Award the Organiser, in consultation with the panel of judges, will present this award to a new talent who has made a breakthrough performance in a programme or series in the past year. 
  2. Performance of the Year The Organiser, in consultation with the panel of judges, will present this award to a personality who has made an outstanding performance in a programme or series in the past year.
  3. Lifetime Achievement The Organiser, in consultation with the panel of judges will award the Lifetime Achievement to a personality who has made an outstanding and extensive contribution to the world of entertainment including, but not exclusively, their work in television, audio or online media.
  4. The Golden Rose is awarded to the programme, series or individual that, in the opinion of the judges, has made the outstanding contribution of 2020 All category entries are  automatically eligible to be considered for this award, no additional entry procedure is required.



Programmes which can be entered for the Rose d’Or® Awards (the “Entries”) shall comply with the following criteria:

• With the exception of Audio Entertainment, the programme must have been originally created for television (broadcast, streaming, online or mobile.)
• The programme must have been aired for the first time between 17 June 2019 and 31 September 2020
• Programmes which have already won a Rose d’Or® Award shall not be eligible. However a new or adapted version of a format which has already won a Rose d’Or® Award is eligible provided that this new or adapted version features sufficiently new, innovative elements in the opinion of the judges and the organiser.


Any duly incorporated company or organisation anywhere in the world (e.g. any television broadcasters, cable networks, online platforms, production companies, distributors) may enter a programme.



To submit Entries, Applicants register online on www.rosedor.com (the “Rose d’Or® Platform”). There is no limit to the number of Entries which can be submitted.

The Organiser reserves the right to re-categorise an Entry and to ask for further material to be submitted, as it may deem appropriate. Once an Entry has been submitted, the Applicant cannot withdraw it from the Rose d’Or®.

If an Entry is a co-production, the Applicant shall be fully responsible for notifying the other co-production partners that the Entry has been entered for a Rose d’Or® Award. The Applicant which has entered the Entry shall be regarded by the Organiser as being entitled to receive all notifications and a possible Rose d’Or® Award.


The video of the Entry must be uploaded on the Rose d’Or® Platform according to the following specifications and requirements by 23.59 GMT on 1 October 2020 (the “Submission Deadline”) at the latest:

• in its original version, i.e. in a way which allows the review of the Entry without any interruption or distraction. In particular, the Entry shall not include any additional graphics, scenes, credits, other visual or audio insertions, or visible on-screen time codes;
• in an English version or with English subtitles or dubbing;
• in professional broadcast quality (HD).

If the Entry is a one-off programme, a video of the entire programme shall be uploaded, and not a compilation or sample of the best scenes from the programme.

If the Entry is a series comprising several episodes, one representative episode shall be uploaded.


Applicants shall also upload the following material by 23.59 GMT on 1 October 2020 at the latest:

• a 1-3 minute trailer, in English or with English subtitles;
• programme logo;
• programme illustration / artwork (1 image);
• and any other relevant information e.g. production people, talent, script.

In case of difficulties with the upload, Applicants/Nominees shall contact the Organiser (see www.rosedor.com).


By registering Entries for a Rose d’Or® Award, all Applicants confirm that they have read, understood, accepted the present Rules and that they agree to abide by them and to pay the Submission Fee corresponding to the number of Entry(ies) they wish to submit.

Applicants also confirm that the EBU or C21Media privacy policies as may be amended from time to time and as made available on the EBU/C21 website shall be applicable to the personal data collected by the EBU/C21 from the Applicants as part of their participation in the Rose d’Or® Award.


To submit Entries for a Rose d’Or® Award, a non-refundable submission fee will be charged according to the number of programmes entered on the basis of the tariff mentioned on the front page of the present Rules (the “Submission Fee”).

No Entry shall be accepted until full payment of the relevant Submission Fee has been received by the Organiser.


The Organiser will verify that all required materials as mentioned under Article 3.2 have been submitted within the Submission Deadline; in particular, the following points shall be verified

• The technical quality of the video uploaded is sufficient and appropriate for screening to the Jury members and the public;
• The Eligibility Requirements are met;
• The requirements set out under Article 3.2. are respected;
• The payment of the appropriate Submission Fee has been received by the Submission Deadline.

Entries deemed eligible will be accepted by the Organiser and a confirmation will be sent by the Organizer, by e-mail, to the person designated as contact on the entry form. The Applicant having received the e-mail confirmation shall be referred hereafter as an “Entrant” and its Entry(ies) shall be part of the selection of Entries submitted to the relevant jury members as per Article 4.



All Eligible Entries will be judged independently by the relevant jury members under the supervision of the Organiser according 3 main criteria:

• Idea: How original and compelling is the Entry? Does the format or story have a good narrative? Are there new or innovative elements, and if so, which ones?
• Production Value: Has the underlying idea been well adapted to the programme? Taking into consideration genre, territory and budget, what is the production value of the Entry?
• Entertainment Value: What is the overall entertainment value of the Entry?



For each Category, there shall be a selected number of Jury members, who are industry experts coming from the programme and online content-making industry, chosen by the Organiser.

Each Jury member shall vote solely in the Categories to which she or he has been assigned.


A shortlist for each respective Category shall be selected by October 1 2020. A maximum of 20 Entries shall be shortlisted for each Category.

Six Entries from the shortlist will be retained as nominees by November 12 2020 (hereafter the “Nominees”). From which, the winner in each category will be selected.


The Nominees will be announced by the Organiser on 12 November 2020 unless otherwise decided by the organisers. (the Nominees Announcement).

All Nominees will be informed personally. They may be contacted to provide additional promotional material.


The Nominees whose Entries have been selected as Rose d’Or® winners (the “Winners”) will receive a Rose d’Or® Award. The Award will be presented to a representative of the Nominee, on video, during the ‘virtual’  Rose d’Or® Awards Ceremony which will be pre-taped for streaming on 9th December.

If requested, it is compulsory for a representative of each Nominee to provide an acceptance speech on video, This request from the organisers must be kept strictly confidential until after the ceremony has streamed on December 9th.  Breaking this embargo may result in disqualification.

The Organiser reserves the right to announce special mentions and to award special additional prizes to some Nominees, as it may deem appropriate.


Applicants acknowledge that all decisions of the Organiser and of the Juries shall be binding and final in all matters.

Decisions shall be at the discretion of the Organiser and of the Juries.

Deadline and announcement dates may be modified at the sole discretion of the organisers. In case of objections regarding any Jury decisions, the Organiser shall have the final word, which shall be binding and final on the Jury members and the Entrants.

The Organiser and the Juries are under no obligation to comment, explain, justify or provide details regarding their decisions and no appeal procedure is available.

All votes shall remain confidential. The official working language of the Jury members for the Rose d’Or® Awards is English.


The use of the Rose d’Or® logos (hereafter the “Logos”) is subject to the prior express authorisation in writing by the Organiser.

Only Nominees are authorised to use the Logos in their advertising and publicity materials for promotional purposes in relation to their Entry(ies), without limitation in time. When doing so, they shall indicate the year during which their Entry was selected and they shall indicate the Category and whether they were Nominees and/or Winner.

In no case shall the Logos be reproduced and/or incorporated, in whole or part, in any other logo or design. Any breach of this provision may result in an immediate order by the Organiser to refrain from using the Logos. In case of doubt as to the permitted use of the Rose d’Or® Logos, Nominees are invited to consult the Organiser.



By submitting Entries to the Rose d’Or® Awards, all Applicants represent, warrant and accept that:

• all necessary rights clearances, releases, permissions and consents from all contributors having contributed to the Entries and the Teasers have been acquired to enable the exploitation of the Entries and the participation thereof in the Rose d’Or® Awards.
• the Entries and the Teasers do not infringe upon or violate any copyright, trademark, right of privacy or right of publicity or any other right of any kind or nature of any person or entity or legal norm under any applicable jurisdiction.


By submitting Entries for the Rose d’Or® Awards, all Applicants acknowledge and accept that:

a. Entries and Teasers shall be made available (streaming) on the Rose d’Or® Platform for the purposes of being viewed by the Jury members, the Organiser, other Entrants, delegates attending the Rose d’Or® Awards Ceremony, and specifically invited guests on the Rose d’Or® Platform prior to the announcement of the Award winners;
b. Entries, Teasers shall be made available (streaming) on the Rose d’Or® Platform for the purposes of being viewed by the general public after the announcement of the Award winners;
c. Entries shall be listed in the Rose d’Or® Awards brochure, together with all corresponding information (such as contact details of the Entrant and of the broadcaster or platform having aired it, and a still from the Entry, etc.). Stills from the Entry or pictures to be included in the Rose d’Or® Awards brochure shall be chosen by the Organiser at its discretion;
d. the Organiser shall have, until 31 December 2021, for the purposes of the Rose d’Or® Awards and for promotion and publicity, a worldwide and royalty-free right to use, publish, exhibit, distribute, transmit, broadcast on television the Entry in part or in whole (including all information and materials such as names, photos, pictures, voices and stills from the Entry, script translations etc.) by any means and on any support (including via the Rose d’Or® Platform and/or during public exhibitions, presentations or events produced for or by the Organiser as part of the Rose d’Or® Awards Ceremony and on the Rose d’Or® Guide), without the need to make any payment whatsoever.
e. the Organiser shall have, without limitation in time, for the purposes of the Rose d’Or® Awards and for promotion and publicity, , a worldwide and royalty-free right to use, exhibit, distribute, transmit and publish the Teaser as well as any excerpts from the Entry up to a maximum of five minutes by any means and in any and all media, including but not limited to television broadcasts and Internet transmission (including on the Organiser’s websites (such as the Rose d’Or® Platform, ebu.ch and rosedor.com), on the official YouTube channels of the Organiser and on the Rose d’Or® Platform), without the need to make any payment whatsoever
f. the exercise of the rights granted hereunder shall not be subject to any copyright fees or any other payments or compensation of any kind or nature.


Each Applicant represents and warrants to the Organiser that the entrant has the right and authority to enter the Entry in the Rose d’Or® Awards. In particular, in the case of co-productions the Applicant warrants that it has the authority and received the necessary authorisations from the other co-production partners to enter the Entry for a Rose d’Or® Award.

All Applicants agree to defend, indemnify and hold the Organiser and its affiliates, employees, officers, directors, licensees, delegates and successors, secure against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) arising from the entrant’s breach of any warranties set forth in the present Rules, including, without limitation, any claims based on the infringement or violation of any copyright, trademark, right of privacy or right of publicity or other legal norms under any applicable jurisdiction, claim by any other possible co-producer of the Entry.


All Applicants agree that the Organiser shall not be liable for any claims, costs, liabilities, damages, expenses and losses arising out of (i) the Organiser’s use of the Entry (including excerpts, all material and information) and of the Teaser as described under Article 7; (ii) incorrect listings which are the result of incorrect or misspelled information provided on the entry form; (iii) the Entrant’s participation in the Rose d’Or® Awards; (iv) an Entrant’s disqualification from the Rose d’Or® Awards; (v) the Entrants not being granted a Rose d’Or® Award; (vi) technical failures of any kind during transmission of Entry materials and information or during the Rose d’Or® Awards Ceremony, including but not limited to problems or delays arising from software or equipment malfunctions or computer viruses; (vii) any events outside the Organiser’s reasonable control (e.g. interruptions, delays or cancellations); (viii) in the case of co-production, any claim by any possible co-production partner of the Entry.

The Organiser is, in particular, not liable for any loss, damage, corruption, incorrect or incomplete delivery or alteration of any material and information (including personal data) transmitted over or uploaded from the Internet (e.g. online application), sent by normal mail to the Organiser, stored, archived and/or processed by the Organiser or sub-contractors. The Entrants take full responsibility for the transmission of materials and information over the Internet (online application) or by normal mail.

The Organiser shall endeavour to operate safe data networks complying with the technical standards in force and to implement appropriate technical and organisational arrangements in order to protect the personal data of Entrants and delegates and the Entries from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation or unauthorised access. However, the Applicants hereby accept that the online systems allowing the entrance of an Entry and the upload thereof are provided on an “as is” basis and that the Organiser shall in no case be held responsible in case of interruption of service, loss, destruction or copying of an Entry or if an Entrant has not been able to upload properly a given Entry.


If full payment of the applicable Submission Fee has not been received by the Submission Date, the Entry shall be declared ineligible for the Rose d’Or® Awards by the Organiser and shall not be entered into the Selection. In such a case, the Organiser shall be entitled to keep any payment which may have already been made by the Submission Date.

The Organiser shall have the right to declare ineligible/disqualify

• incomplete Entries (i.e. Entries for which all the information and material required under Article 3 or which may be requested are not submitted by the Submission Deadline) or Entries for which incorrect information has been provided (e.g. dates of dissemination and production credits);
• any Entry which is not of sufficient technical quality to permit the screening to the Juries, provided that a replacement of sufficient technical quality cannot be obtained in time to meet the Submission Deadline;
• any Entry which contains content which may be determined by the Organiser as to be objectionable (e.g. pornography, violence, racism or discrimination);
• any Entry which does not comply with the present Rules;
• any Entry which the Organiser has serious reason to believe that it may infringe upon or violate any right or law;
• in the case of co-productions, Entries which are subject to a protest by a co-production partner;
• any Applicant which deliberately or unintentionally breaches any provision of the present Rules;
• any Applicant and/or Entry which is likely to bring the Rose d’Or® Awards into disrepute, or to harm the reputation of the Juries or the Organiser;
• any nominee who does not provide a video acceptance speech when requested.

If an Entry is declared ineligible or is disqualified by the Organiser, it shall not participate in the Selection or may be withdrawn from the Rose d’Or® Awards and no refund of the Submission Fee will be provided.

If a Nominee Entry or a Winning Entry is disqualified, the Nominee or the Winner shall not be entitled to associate that Entry with the Rose d’Or® Awards and shall immediately cease to use any of the Logos.

Any Winner which is disqualified shall return to the Organiser any trophy received.


Information provided by the Entrant to the Organiser will be used for the purposes set out in the present Rules.


The Organiser reserves the right to change, modify or amend the present Rules (including the Timetable and the Annex) at any time and without notice. Changes to the Rules will be posted on www.rosedor.com).

If any provision of the present Rules is declared invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions shall remain in effect. The Timetable and the Annex shall form an integral part of the present Rules.

The present Rules shall prevail over the terms and conditions of the Rose d’Or® Platform.

The present Rules are drafted in English. In case of translation in other languages, the English version shall prevail.