Yasuhisa JIMBU

After completing a master’s degree from Kyoto University, faculty of engineering, Yasuhisa Jimbu joined NHK in 1990 and went on to work mainly on the science-education show “Try and Gotcha!”, the current-affairs show “Today’s Close-up”, and the flagship NHK Special documentary slot. He currently works mainly on “Great Race” (a documentary series about sporting races that cover huge distances) and other development projects. Japan’s VR Creative Awards have gone to his virtual-reality productions: the science-fiction drama “RE:MINISCIA” (2014).

He keeps challenging to tap the strategy of using VR with TV shows as below.
“Nazotoki Live”, the viewer-participating mystery-drama show (2015) : He offered VR movies on the program’s website as on-the-spot investigation tools to solve the murder case.
The NHK Special documentary “Running in God’s Territory: Patagonia’s Extreme Trail Race” (2016) : On the program’s special web site, he enabled viewers to experience the trails by using VR footage.
“A World Trip to Amazing Theme Parks”, a holyday special variety show (2018) : Performers and viewers were able to simultaneously experience the same VR movies shot on the rollercoasters.

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