Bernadette O’Mahony

Bernadette O’Mahony is an award winning executive producer and producer and is the head of content at the Australian Children’s Television Foundation overseeing the Foundation’s development, production and international distribution activities.

O’Mahony has worked on a wide range of productions including documentary, current affairs television, prime time drama, feature films and children’s film and television.

O’Mahony’s producer credits include the award winning series Mortified and Round the Twist, as well as Crash Zone, Legacy of the Silver Shadow and The Worst Year of My Life, Again!

She is an International Emmy Award winning executive producer who has helped producers develop, finance and produce series including Hardball, Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors?, Thalu, First Day, The Inbestigators, Little J and Big Cuz, Dance Academy, Little Lunch, Ready For This, Lockie Leonard, and My Place; as well as feature films including Paper Planes and Dance Academy – The Comeback.

O’Mahony has worked with broadcasters across all platforms in Australia and internationally and her experience and knowledge across development, production, financing and distribution of Australian children’s television is unparalleled.

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