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Rose d’Or Awards 2020

The ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund

ScreenSkills is the industry-led skills body for the UK’s screen industries. We help grow and sustain the skilled and inclusive workforce which is the foundation stone of the UK’s global screen success.

The High-end TV Skills Fund, managed by ScreenSkills, supports career development opportunities for crew and talent working in high-end television, from new entrants to executives. Since the fund was established in 2013 at the same time as the tax credit, more than £16m has been invested in identifying skills gaps and funding practical training programmes to support people from all backgrounds and the whole of the UK to enter and progress in the industry – supporting the production of the outstanding content being celebrated by Rose D’Or.

We congratulate all the nominees and thank all the nominated productions across all categories who contribute to the High-end TV Skills Fund.

The Covid-19 crisis has thrown up new challenges – but the old ones have not gone away. We have responded to the immediate demands by developing coronavirus basic awareness on production training that is available free online. We are also delivering mental health training to help heads of departments and managers support their crews as they return to production.

However, pre-Covid concerns, including creating a more inclusive workforce and supporting talent in the nations and regions, remain a priority. We plan new iterations of successful programmes, such as First Break for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Unconscious bias remains an important area where we are seeking to give the industry a better understanding of how they can effect real change.

During the pandemic, we moved much of our training online and the development of effective online learning will make it easier for people to access quality training, wherever they are based in the UK, such as our comprehensive leadership and management programme. Current support also includes expert-led learning sessions, with insights from productions from Doctor Who to Peaky Blinders.

Our established programmes, such as Trainee Finder, with paid placements for new entrants, and Make a Move, to help people step up into a more senior role, are continuing to help build capacity. This will be important in ensuring the industry bounces back.

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